The Behavioural Safety Consultant




When it comes to Health & Safety, you need your staff to perform at the highest level of competence. We recognise that within most organisations, Health & Safety training requirements will be varied and wide ranging and the meeting of Government or Corporate Training targets can present a significant management challenge.


Paul Burns was involved in a horrific workplace accident that happened back in 1994, which resulted in the horrendous burns to the lower left leg and the loss of the toes. The accident occurred when Paul was employed as a caulker/burner on the construction of a suspension bridge in Germany. He was working on his own in a confined space when a piece of molten metal ignited the hoses forcing him to stop and attempt to make the situation safe. Unfortunately, while doing this he knocked himself unconscious and somehow the oxygen and fuel gas re-ignited and started a fire.


The presentation provides an outline of the circumstances surrounding this accident. Then moves on to show horrific images of the leg as it goes through the different stages of reconstruction in order to save the lower leg from amputation, sadly the toes were amputated. He explains to the audience each stage and the excruciating pain endured through the necessary treatment. Highlighting  key events that would have prevented his accident from occurring, which include him being encouraged to follow simple procedures, the management setting a positive example for HSE and job-specific inductions. It goes on to covers the physical and psychological effects of coming to terms of facing a life of disability for both family members  and peers. The seminars oftens ends with a question and answers session.


Paul does not seek to shock the audience but to show the true reality of Health and Safety failure.

This presentation states why it is necessary to have health and safety procedures

It will change behaviour and attitudes to all who attend this presentation.

Provides all employees an awareness of not only of there own working environment, but that of there colleagues.

Inspires confidence to speak up and address health and safety issues without redress from management.

Appalling consequences of H & S failure within the working environment irrespective of one's position. Clearly eradicating a blame culture of exacerbation due to a serious injury or fatality. For all to stop and think safety, not only for ones self but for others too.