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Paul Burns was commissioned by Amec Oil & Gas UK Ltd. on behalf of the ConocoPhillips BritSats project to give presentations at the project safety inductions held at the Marriot Hotel in Newcastle in mid 2007.
Approximately 1000 people of all trades and professions, who were going to be employed on the project, attended the safety inductions in groups of approximately 60 at a time.
Paul's tells his story with no holds barred, the lead up, the incident itself and the shocking results to Paul's lifestyle leave one with a definite feel that our destiny is within the control of each and everyone of us.
Some of the pictures used within the presentation are shocking, (several people had to leave the room during the presentation), but they are the real story of what happens when safety goes wrong or is ignored.
As Paul tells his story, the change from initially looking for who to blame, swings around, to what could Paul have done him
self to stop this happening, was this a case of "turning a blind eye" once to often, because "We don't want to make waves" or "I could lose my job".
I have no doubt that the message that comes across by the end of the presentation is extremely powerful and as a result, along with other measures in place, it helped us to see significant improvements in the safety culture within the BritSats project, people did care, people did think "what if" and people looked out for each other.
Take your workforce through this presentation, I defy them not to be moved by Paul's story, we saw a positive change in attitude towards both individual and team safety, I'm sure you will to.

Andy Leggett
BritSats Offshore Manager
BritSats Project



Paul, This was a very graphic hard hitting talk. Getting a presentation from the person who has been injured is a very powerful way of getting the message across that if you ignore, circumvent or cut corners with regards to safety rules or procedures then the consequences can be horrific. In my line of work I am constantly trying to find ways of getting this simple fact understood and, more important, retaining in people's minds.
I have no doubts that this message will be remembered here for some time to come..

Stuart Wilson
Safety Engineer
Hunterston 'B' Power Station

West Kilbride


Paul worked along side the Britsats project during our induction programme in 2007. His presentation formed part of a 3 day workshop which was undertaken by all our offshore personnel prior to mobilisation. Paul told his story with an openness and honesty which truly painted the picture of life following an industrial accident. Graphic images and straight talking captured the audience and feedback following the sessions was extremely positive.

Emma Fullarton
SHE Manager
Britannia Satellites Project


I would like to extend our appreciation of the presentations you gave to our contract team on the A249 in September last year.
The graphic and thought provoking session influenced the very people most reluctant to change, those actively engaged in the work activities, the very ones that actually get hurt.
Our continual aim in this industry is to improve the safety culture of all, and reduce the likelihood of serious injuries with their tragic consequences.
We are using many tools to influence construction workers and managers alike. Activities are planned, assessed and briefed to the operatives, but hearing (and seeing) what can happen when even relatively basic controls are not followed has had a profound effect on those present.

Peter Warne -
Professional Head of Safety Carillion Road Projects

Hi Paul

Just a quick note to say Thank You for the excellent presentation you delivered to our workforce recently, the content was relevant to some of our activities and very well delivered in my own opinion.
Some of the comments I received after the event were;
'It really made me think about safety', 'We really can make a difference', 'Such a simple incident with such severe results, who would have thought?'

All of which illustrates to me the value of the presentation to those that received it
I would have no reservations in recommending this course to anyone who wants a well composed, well delivered demonstration of what can so easily go wrong to any one.

Thanks again and hope to be in touch with you again soon.

Brian Birnie
SHE Team Leader


Paul Burns was engaged by the Britannia Satellites Project to deliver a safety presentation as part of the agenda for a series of project workforce induction sessions. These sessions were held twice a week from mid September to the end of October 2007 and the number of attendees at each of Paul's presentations was typically around 60. 
The presentations were of about 45 minutes duration and based on Paul's experiences from suffering a personal industrial accident. The presentation covered the circumstances leading up to the accident, the accident itself and the aftermath of living with the injuries. The presentation was hard hitting and very effectively and sincerely delivered. It also included discussion of the wider aspects of safety culture and regulatory compliance and how these have changed in recent years. 
The nature of the accident is particularly relevant to the construction industry, but the message of the presentation is considered applicable to a range of audiences. 
Paul's presentations were considered to be a very effective part of this Britannia Satellites Project induction programme".

David Nell,
HSEQ Manager,
ConocoPhillips Britannia Satellites Project.

  We engaged Paul on our Safety Behavioural programme to bring the reality of Health & Safety failure. A written remark by a safety officer at Longanett Power Station. " The most moving emotive, powerful safety message I have experienced in 30 years.
John Weldon, AMEC


Hi Paul

Please kindly put this on your web site:-

My name is Kim Gordon and I work as the PA/Project Secretary for AMEC at Wormington Compressor Station in Worcestershire. Last year Paul visited site and gave talks to the men (and women) on site both here and at one of our other sites in Churchover, near Rugby. The talk was received very well and made us all aware of the awful conditions Paul had to work under whilst in Germany all those years back. It made it clear to all of us just how safety conscious AMEC are and how they care for the welfare and safety of on site staff at all times.
Personally I was amazed at Paul's courage throughout his ordeal and wish him all the best in his future ventures promoting safety awareness throughout the construction business.

Kind regards

Kim Gordon
PA/ Project Secretary
AMEC Industrial Division